The owners of PerKup, attended our coffee training school, Ivy League Barista Academy, in April of 2011 and realized the benefits immediately. Through our training they were able to prepare espresso based drinks, hire successful employees, and learned how to run day-to-day operations pertaining to the coffee industry. They both took full advantage of our barista training as well as our coffee shop consulting on how to operate a coffee business. The success they experienced instantaneously is undeniable.

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In today's society, branding isn't just a logo on the bottom of an advertisement, it's creating a design that is eye catching and memorable. Successful brands represent the product you provide, the service you give, and the dedicated customers you have. PerKup worked with Advanced Fabrication consultants to transform their company into an unforgettable brand.

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We offer a variety of equipment including all the best manufacturers in the world, fair trade whole bean coffee, organic coffee, loose leaf teas, coffee accessories, syrups, and powders.

PerKup Open

From the initial vision to grand opening, PerKup confided in Coffee Shop Experts with their successful business venture. Coming to ILBA Coffee School they learned how to operate a successful business. Advanced Fabrication helped them create a brand that customers won't forget. Ritual Grounds Roasting provided them with the product to open their business as well send freshly roasted coffee weekly. None of this would have been possible without taking the appropriate steps, and PerKup has benefited tremendously from the successful collaboration with Coffee Shop Experts.