Espresso Carts

Coffee Cart Biz, Inc. is the leading manufacturer in fabrication and custom design within the espresso cart and coffee kiosk industry. Coffee Cart Biz Inc. focuses on designing its espresso carts from an operator's viewpoint. Our espresso carts feature additional storage and countertop space when compared to the competition. This allows for an easier espresso making process, increasing efficiency in drink preparation and eliminating clutter. All of Coffee Cart Biz's espresso carts are built 39 inches wide and 43 inches tall, making our espresso carts almost one foot wider than our espresso cart competitors. The additional countertop height provides storage drawers and doors above the operational cabinets. The espresso carts can be plumbed for direct water or portable water to meet the needs for your espresso cart business. Our espresso carts are known for their durability, elegance, and user friendly appeal. offers designs for stationary coffee locations or coffee catering. Customers can choose from hundreds of custom colors to give your own touch to your espresso cart business!